We Grow Brands And People Through Strategy And Execution

Brand is at the heart of everything we do. Not a facade that we create, but what makes people tick, the stuff deep down that allows businesses to do it tough. And it can be tough.
In our experience, there are three distinct areas that we thrive in when working with clients. This insight comes from over 6 years working with start-ups to large private networks and Council organisations. Right clients, right work, successful outcomes.

Starting A Business

When you are launching a new business your branding is a critical component to build the foundation of your success. Learn some simple steps to get your business started on the front foot.

Business Audit & Growth Strategy

Our approach focuses on the potential locked within the business as well as new opportunities. Primarily focused on the Founder/CEO of the organisation.


Branding & Brand Strategy

Working with you to define or redefine your brand whether a start-up or established company looking to the future.

Full Services

Marketing & Growth Support

Identifying the the missed opportunities to planning long-term strategy and putting those strategies in place through marketing and growth activities.

Case Study

What We Actually Do For Our Clients

Waking Giants Values

Grow Together.

To act with purpose is to care about the process as much as the outcome. We all need a hand to hold now and then.

Ditch the baggage.

Everything you knew yesterday could be redundant tomorrow. Embrace change.

No Boundaries.

Ever. It can be done; you just don’t know how yet.

It’s all about the fuel.

Oats, not sugar.