Strategic Planning

Think Of Your Strategic Plan As The Wiggly Line That Guides Your Vision

“The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.” Albert Einstein. There is a fear that if a strategic plan isn’t the most detailed document ever written, then you have failed.

We believe in the opposite – a simple, well considered single page strategic plan will provide infinitely more value over the life of the business. The reason we feel this; two things, one, it means you save time on the writing and use it to act, the second is that it is easier to change as the market incrementally, your customer or goals change.

No-one ever made a business successful by making it more complicated!

Where To Start

Creating A Strategic Plan

If you are planning to start a business or looking to solidify your current business direction the most important starting point is the end goal. Scale, revenue, profit, impact, exit ... whatever it may be and think about what 5/10/1000 steps will take you there.

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Implementing Your Plan

Don't create a plan that is beyond your capacity to deliver. Create your plan with the full intention of executing on it. Bite size chunks, get support, ensure you have enough resource, give yourself enough time and above all else be patient!

Some Inspiration

The Key To A Strong Strategic Plan

Don't spend too long on the plan and leave little time to execute on it. There are many cases where leaders prescribe to the theory that is it can't be outlined on a single page, it's too complicated.

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