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There are so many sources of insight and knowledge that it is almost impossible to apply it all to your business. And that’s the key, your business may be 90% the same as others in your industry, but that 10% is where the challenge or change lies.

The other key factor like anything in life and business is that implementation is the absolute key. Sat in the room with 300 other people may not offer the depth of insight that works for you. There can also be barriers in these situations that leave individuals feeling embarrassed about tactics and knowledge that they don’t understand or know how to act upon.

New voices present an opportunity. Very rarely are the insights that you need to grow or evolve your business complicated or costly. They just need to be looked at with a new spin on them and in context of your business.

Facilitator - Redefining Expectations

Paul Sills

Paul is an experienced executive director and mediator specialising in the resolution of disputes reframed as redefining expectations. He can apply his vast knowledge of human behaviour, senior executive roles and directorships to drive strategic and practical change.

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Facilitator - Brand Is Everything

Grant Difford

Grant is a designer by trade, principles that he uses to implement branding and growth strategy in businesses. Driven by the potential in people and finding the gaps in business, he applies practical skills to identify key opportunities that can take you forward.

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Because your needs are unique to your brand we only want to deliver support that enhances that. If you are looking for new voices in your business use the form below to share your initial ideas and we will formulate the right approach for your business.

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