Brand Beats Marketing Every Time

Branding Is The Universal
Truth That Defines Your Success

If you are planning long-term success, branding is your greatest asset and will only grow in value if you nurture it. The image to the left perfectly illustrates the impact of brand. The combination of the light, window, position and timing, all creating an impression on the wall that stops you in your tracks. It may be for but a moment, or a few hours but it will leave an imprint on your mind that you can reference a positive experience.

The desire and patience to create tens if not hundreds or millions of moments that last, gives you a blueprint for a business that your customers will be loyal too and your team will embrace.

We work with businesses and leaders to understand and define why they do what they do.

Creating a brand isn’t a complex task, it is about communicating your truth and the value you can add through your experience, product or service. Your branding will define your results.

Our Specialties
Target Audience
  • Market
  • Value
  • Need
  • Location
  • Influence
  • Purpose
  • Goal(s)
  • Culture
  • Habits
  • Action
  • Planning
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media
  • Campaign
  • Content

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rebranding auckland new york example by waking giants Rebranding
October 31, 2016

Rebranding Auckland… again!

Rebranding Auckland is the story that keeps on giving. And while there is a case for change when it comes to public money surely there is a more appropriate course...
How To Choose The Right Brand Name by Waking Giants Brand NamesRebranding
September 4, 2016

How to Choose the Right Brand Name

Do some research Research is crucial when naming your business. Remember the brand name tells the whole story of the business distilled into one or two words. In 1995, Adidas...
Business Growth Strategy Rebranding
August 29, 2016

Will Rebranding Grow Your Company?

In short no. Well, there is no guarantee. Long gone are the days (if they ever existed) that changing your logo would enhance the overall value and growth of your...

Waking Giants Colours

If we talk about truth and branding in the same sentence it only seems fair to share ours. The black and white present a philosophy that everything is simple if you want it to be. The challenges come when things are grey. The red is a colour that is a life long love of Grant our founder. With a strong and passionate Welsh bloodline, red really does run through his veins.







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