Working As A Partnership

Let’s Change How We Grow Brands

We see the sharing of ideas as the start of the relationship not when you have committed budget to us, even if you never work with us. If we can play a part in the growth of people and business at any point we would have achieved our goal.

Brand is at the heart of everything we do. Not a facade that we create, but what makes people tick, the stuff deep down that allows businesses to do it tough. And it will be tough.

Started in 2011 by Grant Difford, Waking Giants had a goal of transforming the creative services industry in New Zealand. Back then naivety was our greatest weapon. Since then there have been thousands of experiences, hundreds of clients and a lot of learning. Those experiences along with meeting many extraordinary people led us to where we are now.

Grant brings experience to our clients having worked for several businesses in various roles as a graphic designer working his was up to creative director. The pathway always balanced towards the business and growth side of each company leading him to know that he wasn’t a good employee in that his overwhelming desire was to work under his own set of rules and be fully accountable to himself and the people he worked with.

The growth of Waking Giants was rapid seeing a 500% increase in revenue over the first 4 years. This came with a lot of learning and mistakes. During that journey, there were two other businesses that started with a bang but fizzled. The ultimate analysis – bad timing and over-stretching his own resource. These tough lessons allowed Grant to understand the components of what a successful business looks like and in reality how hard it can be to meet those personal expectations.

So now, he takes every client’s goals very personally and with great accountability; after all most business owners are experiencing the same highs and lows.


Our Values.

Remember that every time you go the extra mile, you place someone under obligation to you. When you do something to or for another, whether your deeds are good or bad, people feel compelled to ‘retaliate’ in kind.

To give at any stage of the relationship provides value. A single comment, email or action can change the course for either party. That is the win. All day, every day.

The habit of going the extra mile is not a tactic but how we form strong, trusted relationships that provide intangible value that lives beyond service…

Ditch the baggage.

Everything you knew yesterday could be redundant tomorrow. Embrace change.

Grow Together.

To act with purpose is to care about the process as much as the outcome. We all need a hand to hold now and then.

No Boundaries.

Ever. It can be done; you just don't know how yet.

It’s all about the fuel.

Oats, not sugar.

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